The Neudorf family: Lifestyle session

Home is the nicest word there is.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder

There is just something so sweet about entering a home and feeling it's warmth. Seeing laundry that is waiting to be folded, hearing the crackling sounds coming from the frying pan on the stove, little girls giggling and their feet pitter-pattering on the floor. The sunlight streaming in, making even the dust in the air look magical. 

Mom calling for her daughters to please come help fold the laundry and the littlest sister still napping. The anticipation of Daddy coming home after a long day at work. The setting of the table and the stolen moments of playtime before supper. 

These are the normal things that I love. There is beauty in adventures, yes; In travels, absolutely. But the beauty that is found in the ordinary and brave life of a family working hard and loving each other, well, that is something that deserves to be photographed. These are the stories that NEED to be told. This is a life of greatness, this life of instilling values in these three little girls that will carry on and impact the next generation. This is kingdom work, disguised as mundane and ordinary. 

I shot this session for my brother and his beautiful wife a few weeks ago and, oh! my heart filled right up. Andrea asked me to come over and document an ordinary day for them. Her girls chose their own clothes and they did chores and ate supper and dug out their potatoes and played in the playhouse that Josiah just finished building for the girls. I told her that it's these kinds of sessions that make me want to shoot for the rest of my life. 

Here you have it: The Neudorf family. So much love for these beautiful people. <3