Weekly 365 round-up (v.3)

{332/365} Their little giggle fest that went on and on and on was definitely the high point of today.

{333/365} This photo was chosen with my Mommy Goggles on. I sent his siblings to Grandma's house this afternoon so I could rest my sicky self, but a certain little one refused to nap, so we got to spend quality time together instead. I think I got the better end of the deal. Can't. Get. Over. That. Face.

{334/365} All the photo creds to Trevor for this photo. One of my fave photos of my and my littlest love. Getting ready for naptime.

{335/365} She spent the entire time scolding Zeke for not being gentle enough with Marlowe. And then cautioning him to "be careful Zeke! Don't fall off the bed!" And then giggling, always giggling. Love my little firecracker.

{336/365} Saturday night bath.

{337/365} "Daddy, I'm just having so many feelings right now."

{338/365} First snow.