The Unexpected

So glad to be writing in this space, finally! I have wanted to start a blog specifically for my Kay & Flair work and was encouraged to do just do it through a class I took through The Define School. Thank you, Sharon! 

I want to share a few photos that are near and dear to my heart. I took these as my homework in my class, The Art of the Unexpected. Creating work that I love and being ok with my art not being understood by everyone was on my heart for a long time and these last four weeks have been so instrumental for me to feel brave enough to make these photos, and then share them with others. 

It's courageous work, this sharing of hearts. If you are an artist, you understand. So much of ME goes into creating photos and so my heart is all wrapped up in them. To understand them is to understand a part of me, and that is no small thing. 

So here I give you a snippet of my heart.