Kristin and her daughters

There is just something so crazy about motherhood. No matter how much those babies keep you up at night, no matter how many sibling fights you have to break up, no matter how exhausting the day-to-day gets, you still get up day after day and do it again and again. And love those babies through it all  It's a beautiful thing.

Kristin asked me to come over for a morning and capture her relationship with her daughters, and in particular, capture her nursing relationship with her baby girl. I have always wanted to shoot this kind of session, so I was SO excited to say yes. I felt so encouraged after spending a few hours with Kristin and her sweet girls. She delighted in their antics, she giggled at their silliness, she kissed her happily-nursing baby's feet. Mamas, if you want a laid-back session that highlights your interactions with your kiddos, be it breastfeeding or playing on the floor or baking cookies or all of the above, I would love to come over for a morning and be a fly on the wall, camera in hand. Just my fave kind of session :)  

Kristin, our conversations about the struggles and triumphs of motherhood that morning inspired me, and I was so thankful that I got to photograph these moments for you. <3