Weekly 365 round-up (v.4&5)

{339/365} The third little Wolfe pup to wear this snowsuit.

{340/365} He is almost on the move, and I think I'm going to have my very first crawler. (His brother and sister were both little bum-scooters.)

{341/365} I only got one awkward and mildly condescending look while taking this photo. So, better than I expected, haha.

{342/365} My life. Queen Marlowe. Zeke making a royal mess. And the kids "helping" Trevor with anything and everything.

{343/365} I suspect that he may love her just a wee bit more than she loves him.

{344/365} After-nap snuggles. Stuffies always included.

{345/365} I'm so glad my kids aren't boring. :P

{346/365} I could fill an entire album of Leni and her Precious.

{347/365} Sleepover at Nana's house. Sleeping in the bed I slept in as a kid, reading the books I read as a kid. It was an oddly familiar moment.

{348/365} She calls her socks Todd and Vixie. Anybody know why?

{349/365} Cousins and Lego.

{350/365} I feel like Zeke's motto in life so far is "You will not leave me behind".

{351/365} Setting the table for lunch. And a little peek at our brand new floors. (insert happy dance here :)

{352/365} He's been officially crawling for about a week now and it's the cutest thing.