Shawn and Miranda | Fall family session

I often get asked if I still take family photos. And the answer is: yes, I would love to take your family photos for you! BUT. There is a but. BUT they will not just be posed and "Stand here" and "Put your arm there". No. (Not that I am against those types of sessions! Many photographers I know do an absolutely phenomenal job with their portrait sessions! It's just about personal preference!) But my aim with my sessions is that the photos you get will tell a story. They will show you, years later, what your life was like in this year, this time, this day. They will show un-posed interactions and traditions and rituals. They will show the mess in your house (if there is any, not so much in this case! Miranda keeps the most organized home in the world and I am amazed every time by her!) and the honest emotions of your kids. I do not aim for perfection and "say cheese!" smiles. This kind of session feeds my soul, but I also think you will be thankful for them, especially when you are out of whatever particular season of life that you are in. I really do! 

I came to Shawn and Miranda's house while Miranda was prepping for supper with a baby in her arms and two kids at her feet, waiting for Shawn to get home from work, and kept photographing them until bedtime. Life with three little ones can be hectic and crazy, but they handle it with grace and a lot of laughter, and a whole lotta love. Oh so much love.

There is something else I have to share with you, and it is not to toot my own horn. This was Miranda's response after seeing the end result from their session:

"I just finished looking through the pictures. They are so perfect, IT MADE ME WISH I WAS PART OF THAT FAMILY, and that that was my life. Oh wait, it is. Pinch me. I'm not convinced you didn't pull these pictures out of a magazine. By far the best family session I've ever seen."

I share this because this was the first session where I truly shot from my heart. One hundred percent. I slowed down my shutter speed to catch the motion. I blurred those faces when I needed to capture emotion. I aimed for emotion and not for perfection. I threw technicalities out the window and just jumped into the moment and shot from my heart, the way I shoot my personal work. And SHE FELT IT TOO. That, my friends, is worth so much. Miranda, thank you for being such a wonderful client and friend, for trusting me, for seeing my vision. Photographing your family is an honour.