October|| Personal Work

Another month in the books. October marked our first snowfall, which the kids loved. We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families and continued with kindergarten homeschool. Life with three, going on four, kids (age five and under, by the way) is always busy, and sometimes life speeds by so quickly because of all the ordinary days that are full of ordinary things that it feels like we have not done any real living. But I often need to remind myself that this IS real living. This is where character is built and lives are changed. The extraordinary IS in the ordinary. My children are learning and growing. We have been memorizing scripture together in the mornings and praying, and I have been overwhelmed by some of the conversations that have come up because of the things the kids have been learning. I am thankful in this busy season, thankful that I have the privilege of teaching my children and spending so much time with them. Time that we will never get back. Even in the hard and frustrating times, I am reminded that it is such a privilege to be a mother and live this ordinary life.