Sarah | Graduation

This session is atypical from what I usually shoot these days, but there's a reason for that. I photographed Jake and Suzanne's two oldest sons on their high school graduation days, so when she asked me if I would continue the tradition and capture Sarah's monumental day as well, I had to say yes. Besides, spending time with this family is always a good idea. I told Suzanne that seeing her with her teenage kids makes me look forward to that time with my kids. Just a really incredible family. 

And Sarah. Seriously, this girl. I am convinced there was never a more relaxed and chill girl on her graduation day. Barefoot and fancy-free, with mosquitoes stuck in her gorgeous dress and twigs in the tulle, she laughed and said "oh don't worry about it! Nobody will see it anyway." She climbed to the top of her old treehouse and ran through the bushes in bare feet. Coolest girl around, this one.  :)