A week of Tate.

"She had nothing to wish otherwise, but that the days did not pass so swiftly." -Jane Austen

We welcomed our fourth little Wolfe Pup into our family one week ago. I will be writing out his birth story on my private blog, but I will say here that the day of Tate's birth last week was one of the best of my life. My anxieties and insomnia led to a lot of prayer in the weeks leading up to his birth, and i had dear friends and family committed to praying for him and I, and it was so evident. The peace I felt and the beautiful answers to specific prayers about bonding with my baby made March 8 an incredibly wonderful day. 

I made arrangements to have my sister (in law) with us to document his birth and first hours with us, and I can safely say that I could not recommend a birth photographer enough. To have those moments saved forever is so precious to me. I will share a few of those here when I get the photos. 

Now, he has been with us for one week. He joined his two brothers and one sister, and to say that they are smitten with him is a massive understatement. They cannot kiss him enough, hug him tightly enough, sing him enough songs and gush about his cuteness enough to satisfy how much they love him. It's overwhelmingly over the top, and overwhelmingly adorable. 

The name Tate means: cheerful. If his demeanor already is any indication of his personality, we chose the right name. He is calm and laid-back, sleepy and snuggly. He eats and sleeps like a dream, and has made me such a happy mama. I am acutely aware of how cruel the passing of time is when it comes to these sweet babies. Time is a thief, and I am already wishing for these fleeting newborn days to go just a little bit slower. Please. Just a little slower. 

Now, here are some of my favourite photos of this past week. A week of Tate.