It's tough. There are no two ways about it. Even the best and most wonderful changes, like adding a sweet little human to your family, are not easy. Everyone has to make adjustments and compromises, and that is especially difficult when you are two (and three and five). 

We now have four kids. Our oldest is five. Hahahaha. Sometimes that in itself makes me giggle. I never expected that I would have my kids so close together. But it so many ways it's so wonderful, and I am so looking forward to seeing their relationships grow as they get older. But right now? It's a lot of crowd control and sticking with schedules so we don't all go crazy. It's having to try to manage my time and making sure that I can give attention to each child, and that can be a challenge when having a nursing newborn to take care of constantly. It's begging God for wisdom to know how to help a two-year old who is confused by the changes and acting out 24/7. 

But there is also a lot of sweetness in our days, and so so so many kisses for their baby brother. What a privilege to be able to raise four little ones. I do count myself blessed, even when I cry out of sheer exhaustion. Even when I don't feel like making yet another meal that they will fight me to eat. Even when the sibling rivalry threatens to drive me crazy. I do know that this is a good life and I am thankful to live it (and I'm not doing any of it alone, thanks to the best husband out there, in my maybe slightly biased opinion.) I might just survive on coffee and baby snuggles, and that will be ok.