Harvest 2017

So much nostalgia filled our week as we spent it helping my parents with the harvest. I grew up using radios to talk to Dad on the combine, driving the quad out to the field to go for a round with him on the combine, testing the grain, praying for sun and wind, eating supper on the field, fixing machines, the smell of dust and sweat. Growing up on a farm was a good good childhood, and one that my kids don't yet experience. But I am so thankful that for the past three years, they've been able to spend so much time with Nana and Papa and get a taste of that sweet farming life. 

From catching squirrels in traps, to going for ranger rides, to eating fresh peach pie, to combine rides, to fun with cousins, to sleeping in the holiday trailer, to reading books upon books upon books with Nana,  to lattes with whipped cream, to cool mornings and warm days, it was a busy and wonderful week.