Josiah and Hannah: A wedding to remember.

What. A. Wedding.

It’s no secret that I don’t say yes to very many weddings for a myriad of reasons. But when i do. Man. I’m so thankful that they get to be like this one.

Our northern town and surrounding communities have been evacuated (in turns, and for a week or a few weeks at a time) and/or been on evacuation alert since May because of a raging 300,000 + hectare wildfire. It’s intense and scary. Our skies have been filled with smoke and constant helicopters carrying buckets. This is the backstory for the reason why the location for this wedding had to be changed four days before the big day. They were supposed to get married on Josiah’s parents beautiful yard, and their home was put on mandatory evacuation four days before the wedding day. So what are a bride and groom to do? Thankfully, they have a solid family and community behind them, and with the help of an army of incredible people and a lot of prayer, managed to pull off an absolutely perfect wedding. Perfect because of the way it was infused with love and joy and resilience, and the knowledge that all that really mattered was that they were getting married in the company of their close family and friends and everything else was just gravy.

I feel so honoured that I got to be the one to document their day. I literally had no makeup left on my face by the end of the night, when i left at 10:45pm. Partly due to the fact that my eyes were burning from the smoke in the air, haha, and partly due to the sentimental tears that kept welling. So many sweet moments, so much laughter, so much intentional thought and care put into the details of their day. And note the time that I left. When you get married on June 22 in the north, you still get to dance in almost broad daylight at nearly 11pm. The best!

Thankful for you guys, Hannah and Josiah! When you handle these weeks of uncertainty leading up to your wedding with such grace and unity, I have no doubt that you will bring those lessons into your marriage and be better off for them. Wishing you two so many years of happiness and love. It was a privilege to spend your day with you.

Now. Enjoy 1 million photos of this gorgeous couple. What a day. What a perfect day.