Baby Josiah || Fresh 48

"Honey is sweet. A little baby is even sweeter." {unknown}

I have an exciting few weeks coming up, filled with birth sessions, fresh 48 sessions and newborn sessions. And I'm OVER THE MOON about it. And because I'm on call and can't concentrate on anything but waiting for my phone to ring telling me that one of the mamas is in labour (it's like I'm waiting for my own baby, you wouldn't believe the constant butterflies in my belly these past few weeks! haha) I thought I would post a throwback to last summer when I got to photograph the sweetest Fresh 48 session. I never posted it then because I didn't have my website up and running, so this felt like a good time to do it! 

Ashley and Tyrell have the cutest little family, and spending time with them in their first few hours as a family of four was just the best. The hospital room was filled with so much love and happiness, with big sister taking on her new role with pride and her tired but happy parents watching their two kids in awe. New babies are just the very best.