2016 Harvest

A few years ago, my parents bought some farmland about an hour's drive from their home, that already had a quaint little house on it. We have since been so blessed to spend time there with them during seeding and harvest times, helping where we can and just spending time together as a family. Last week, Trevor took the week off and we hauled his brother's trailer out there and showed our kids the full farming experience. 

They absolutely loved everything about it. Going for rounds on the combine (that brings back SO many memories of my childhood!), bringing back grain to test, helping Papa test the grain ("Nana, we're just back from the field to test. I'm helping Papa test!"), pulling a neighbour's tractor out of the mud with Papa's tractor (or, attempting to, anyway), watching the auger from the safety of the pickup, going for ranger rides on the field, Cruz learning to "drive" the ranger and combine, discovering that the combine relaxes Zeke like nothing else and is totally his happy place, eating Nana's delicious meals together for every meal, camping in the trailer, adventuring in the woods, keeping a lookout for bears, and on and on. 

It was totally our kind of vacation. Almost no cell service or internet access, so it was quiet and peaceful. Crisp fall mornings and leaves starting to turn. Being able to help with the harvest and all the good memories that come with that. Spending time with different family members that came to visit throughout the week. And just good conversations with family over whipped cream-filled lattes and tomato sandwiches. Thankful for God's goodness. Happy Harvest!